Permanent Eyebrow Procedures

Permanent Eyebrows

Kelly Stephen Permanent Makeup offers a number of different permanent eyebrow treatments to suit your unique beauty requirements

Permanent Eyebrow Treatments

Semi Permanent Eyebrows – Impress Everyone

Are you someone who spends ages drawing their eyebrows on, semi permanent brows is the new best thing and saves you lots of time as they are perfectly created just for you. Having semi permanent eyebrow can really help shape up your face not to mention take years off of you. 

There are two main ways of applying Permanent Makeup.

  1. Semi permanent eyebrow tattooing is perfectly created using a machine, semi permanent tattooing is more permanent and goes deeper into the skin,
  2. microblading is where you individually insert pigment into the epidermis with a very fine blade, this takes an extreme amount of skill and technique and looks more natural but doesn’t last as long as semi permanent tattooing.

At the consultation stage we will talk though the different options.

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    All treatments include: A free consultation, Full aftercare treatment, & A top-up appointment after 6 weeks.

    Different Types of Brow Procedures

    Natural hair strokes:

    Permanent Eyebrows – Natural hair strokes:

    Theses are very popular and one of the most requested. They are perfect natural stokes that are created using the clients face shape and skin tone, they are perfect for clients that have over plucked and need extra help to get a natural look. Hair stokes are different to normal tattooing as they are less blocky looking.

    Powdered Effect:

    Permanent Eyebrows – Powdered Effect:

    They are beautifully created as normal and toned down using solution to give the eye a softer natural look. they are very natural looking and can be done with natural hair stokes or when doing the normal tattooing, both versions look amazing.

    Natural hair strokes and powdered effect together:

    Permanent Eyebrows – Natural hair strokes and powdered effect together:

    This method is expertly applied hair stokes with a soft bold shading, each person will differ from one to another, perfectly creating bold brows with a soft powdered touch. The result is fine hair stokes with a soft finish.

    Who Can Benefit from Permanent Eyebrow Treatments?:

    Permanent Eyebrow techniques are excellent for:

    1. Sparse hairs
    2. Lack of definition
    3. Years of over plucking
    4. Medical (alopecia or chemotherapy treatment)
    5. Injury or the ageing process
    6. Creating fullness to your existing brows
    7. Thicken, shape, and lengthen short eyebrows
    8. Improve the appearance of straight or drooping eyebrows.

    Full after care will be given and top-up 4-6 weeks later.

    Kelly Stephen Specialist in Permanent Makeup Carshalton

    Kelly Stephen

    Permanent Makeup Specialist

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